Who is Green Ted?

  • The first children’s character to be ‘born on the web’
  • Made his debut 1999 as a monthly story on AOL(UK)
  • Directly aimed at 2 – 7 year olds
  • Colour illustrated stories with optional audio support
  • Stories and characters reflect contemporary family values and experiences

The Green Ted experience

  • Continuing  story series creates a unique children’s experience.
  • Green Ted provides a safe introduction to e-reading for young children
  • An e-reading experience adults share with children
  • Written dialogue and optional narrative accompany amusing illustrations by acclaimed illustrator, Toni Goffe.
  • Repeatability value

The Green Ted audience

  • Appeals across the 2 – 7 age band
  • Significant adult ABC1 audience, reading with & encouraging children
  • Adult audience also engages with contemporary issues raised in stories e.g. single parents, second marriages, etc.

Green Ted – A Marketing Opportunity

  • Character with a proven track record
  • Enjoyable and informative for young children
  • Safe environment, contemporary values
  • Encourages parents, grandparents, teachers and carers to read other content
  • Engenders positive view of e-reading medium
  • Stimulates and amuses
  • Creates a loyal audience of adults and children.

Green Ted stories
The Green Ted stories follow on from each other as Green Ted develops a relationship with his newfound family. Each story comprises approximately 20 illustrations by renowned illustrator, Toni Goffe and simple storylines built around the modern family. There are 46 stories (see individual titles below).
Green Ted is not just green in colour, but ecologically friendly and a little naïve. The stories introduce a teddy bear into a ‘nuclear family’, a family who are computer or e-book friendly and generous in spirit.



1. Green Ted  - the beginning
2. Green Ted at home
3. Green Ted in the garden
4. Green Ted saves the rubber chickens
5. Green Ted gets squashed
6. Green Ted goes on holiday
7. Green Ted travels by plane
8. Green Ted meets Fou-Fou bear
9. Green Ted gets lost
10. Green Ted comes home
11. Green Ted and the music machine
12. Green Ted’s friends discarded
13. Green Ted and recycling
14. Green Ted and the wedding
15. Green Ted and the computer
16. Green Ted and the supermarket
17. Green Ted’s Summer holiday
18. Green Ted goes to Boarding school
19. Green Ted’s French lesson
20. Green Ted comes home from school
21. Green Ted and the presents
22. Green Ted and the new bedroom
23. Green Ted and the new baby
24. Green Ted and the thunderstorm
25. Green Ted meets Dummy & Harrington
26. Green Ted tips the scales
27. Green Ted joins café society
28. Green Ted at the beach
29. Green Ted goes to nursery
30. Green Ted and the babysitter
31. Green Ted and the worldwide web
32. Green Ted and the weighing machine
33. Green Ted resolves to help
34. Green Ted and the wildlife
35. Green Ted and dog
36. The return of the witch!
37. Choosing the new school
38. Green Ted on a peaceful summer’s day
39. Green Ted goes to Skippers
40. Green Ted the detective
41. Green Ted and the dolls
42. Green Ted, elected representative
43. Green Ted stays at Grandma’s
44. Green Ted and the U.F.O.
45. Green Ted’s summer sense
46. Green Ted and the Russian dolls
47. Green Ted in the sales.
(N.B. Audio versions completed for 1 – 36 inc.)

Future Developments with Green Ted

  • E-book opportunity
  • Merchandising
  • Traditional book publishing
  • Website and downloads
  • Television programming

Biography of Span TV Ltd and Phillip.
Phillip Goodhand-Tait was born in Hull, Yorkshire, U.K.
His parents moved to Surrey when he was 12. In 1968 he achieved success writing hit songs (“Bringin’ on back the good times”, “A day without love”, “One road”) for Love Affair and later he was to follow this with publishing successes (“Ocens away”, “Leon”) with Roger Daltrey, Gene Pitney and many other artists as well as recordings for DJM Records and Chrysalis. (see: www.pg-t.com) Phillip’s hobbies include collecting sheet music from 1880-1990. (see: www.mymotherssheetmusic.com )
During the late ‘70s, he began producing independent music programmes for broadcast television and dvd. His first production starred Charles Aznavour and he went on to invest over a million pounds in “live-on-stage” programmes with artists as diverse as Placido Domingo, Sandie Shaw, the Commodores, Judie Tzuke, Ten Years After, Alexis Korner, Steve Harley, Leon Russell or Kid Creole & the Coconuts. These programmes now provide a library archive of 200+, 60 – 90 minute, entertainment shows, one of the largest independently held, TV music catalogues in the world.
Span TV was started in 1988, as commercial markets changed for video software. Again, the strategy was to develop produce and sell, independent programming to new media. The Green Ted character was born on the net in the late ‘90s in response to AmericaOnline UK’s children’s content needs. So successful was the initial story, Green Ted – the beginning, that Phillip, Toni and Span TV had to follow-up with more stories and supporting web-content.
Today, Span TV continues to play a part in distribution of music programming via licensing its archive and seeks new areas for expansion with partners for Green Ted children’s stories. As Phillip admits, “New technology is forever bringin’ on back the good times.”
©2010 Phillip Goodhand-Tait.